General Dermatology / Warts
Warts are caused by a virus. A person gets warts or the wart virus from another person. Once a person has warts, they can spread on that person from one place to another. Scratching and rubbing the warts makes them more likely to spread.

Getting rid of warts can often be difficult. They can go away by themselves, but this often takes two years for the body to start fighting back. Most of the treatments for warts destroy the top layer of the skin where the wart is: then, new skin has to grow underneath it.

Plantar warts are warts that occur on the plantar surface to the foot(the sole of the foot). These warts are usually caused by a virus different from the virus that causes warts on the finger or elsewhere on the body. Some warts are flat warts, which look slightly different from the usual wart. The warts that occur on the face are usually flat warts, but these flat warts can also occur on the hands and fingers.

Multiple medical treatment options are available for warts.  Destruction of the wart using topial medicaitons, freezing, injections, and laser are are all acceptable choices.  The treatment type chosen for warts depends upon the location and size of the wart.  In some cases, surgical excision can also be performed if necessary.  Regular, in-office medical treatments can speed removal of warts, but the viruses that cause warts remain in the body for years, and warts can recur even if successfully treated in the past.

1. There is no guaranteed treatment method available for this condition
2. Multiple treatments may be required
3. The treatments are time consuming and expensive
4. The area treated may develop new lesions
5. The area treated may leavea scar(s)

Warts are very stubborn, but most people can get rid of them.